Why I left medicine

I am currently in the throes of changing careers. I have been in Medicine for 14 years (as an Osteopath). I recently enjoyed a very successful stint in Canada. I had patients from all walks of life coming to see me and an excellent referral system the community. I was becoming very well know and in demand. I was beginning to feel like I had finally reached the top of my game.

I then moved back to Europe in 2016 and having children, I took a year off (maternity leave). In that year I reflected on what I wanted in life and I came to a very clear but shocking conclusion...

In 2014 I made my first ever website on Wordpress, completely self-taught. At the time it took about 8-12 hours per day and I finished it in a month. I have never felt such satisfaction. From knowing nothing to having built a working website that actually brought patients to my door was unreal. My best friend at the time was a programmer and a web developer. We spent many hours talking about design, website, tech trends, latest gadgets and creating.

Due to unforeseen circumstance, I had to quickly leave England, at which point I moved to Canada. Before I left I knew I had to build a second website, this time with the focus on SEO. I needed my website to be at the top of google for my profession, amidst stiff local competition. The learning curve was, again, another steep one.

Once released, it took only 4 months to reach number 1 in google for my city (screenshot here). Soon after that, I reached number 2 in my neighboring city as well. See screenshots here.

During this process of learning and creating, something permanently changed inside of me. I truly found something I loved doing. I literally would be excited to get home and start building on my website.

Whenever I had a spare minute I would be reading or watching tutorials on anything and everything related to the web and design. It became a quiet passion. Although my main profession was still my drive, things never came naturally. I often had to force myself to continue my blog. It was not natural for me to pick up my anatomy textbooks. There was always a resistance to doing it. Yet when it came to design and websites I found my heart longing for it and constantly willing. When this goes on for a few years you begin to ask questions.

This brought me to my conclusion. I loved treating people and helping them as an Osteopath and I still do today. I never felt like I had a bad day at the office. But I never long for it either. I never got excited about it. With coding, design and web developer I do.

It was upon this stark, real conclusion that I decided to pursue my dreams. I know I will reach this goal... It is just a matter of when.

I want to become a front-end-developer and then explore full-stack. I just finished building my third website with Wordpress. It is still currently live and can be viewed here. Otherwise view the wireframes.
Wireframe for website.
Wireframe for website mobile.
Wireframe for biography.
Wireframe for hero section.